Thursday, September 27, 2007

Book selecting

Hi ladies,

I am reading your posts every day. It's so nice to 'see' all the familiar faces, or rather, to read all the familiar names. Simrit, Shirley, Carole, Marg, Gerry, Pamela, and all you who I forget to mention here.

My mind is a complete blur. Some of you may know that my son is doing his tour of duty in Afghanistan. Well, he is fine, and what's more, he's home for a week. He accompanied the body of a deceased comrade back to the Netherlands. A very sad occasion, and one that had me in a mess. But good things come from bad things, we have him home with us now. I enjoy every single minute, but I can't concentrate on anything but how the washer works..:)

But it's fine. I am interested to read all the book suggestions, and will go with whatever the majority decides. Something uplifting has my preference..and not too long!! hahaha.

I am currently reading Bram Stoker's Dracula. And to my great surprise it is a very nice book! Contrary to what I expected, it is filled with love and compassion. Friendship, loyalty, and compassion for the Undead even! I read only 20 pages a day, so the book will last longer..


Tricia said...

Hi Bonnie,
I would love to join your book reading group! However, I am currently finishing up our report for national accreditation. It must be in by October 18, so as you can imagine, if it's not a picture book, I'm not reading it right now. Once my report is in, I'll be back. There is so much I want to read!

Shirley said...

It was great to read your post, Margreet.

I hadn't known that your son was serving in Afghanistan. That is good that he is home, albeit briefly and for such a sad reason.

Like you, I hope our first read with the group is uplifting and not too long.


Margreet said...

Thank you for your kind words, Shirley.

We are making the most of it!!!

Gerry said...

I knew your son was in the military but I did not know he was in Afghanistan. So good that he is home for a visit. A sad way to get to go though. Give him my best. Many well wishies go with him.
Good to see all the faces again from time back. I don't even bother with Oprah's site anymore. Most of the book clubs I participated in have moved.