Friday, April 25, 2008

Book for May ~ Windfalls

Our book for May is Jean Hegland's Windfalls, which got 42% of the vote. Here's a synopsis of the story:

The acclaimed author of Into the Forest mines our fears and explores our capacity to love in this epic tale of modern motherhood. Young and pregnant, Cerise and Anna make very different decisions about how to direct their lives. While teenaged Cerise struggles to support herself and her young daughter, Anna finishes college, marries, and later gives birth to two daughters of her own. After the birth of her second child, a tragic accident tears Cerise's life apart, and she loses her already tenuous position in society. As the story progresses -- and Cerise's and Anna's lives interweave and inexorably approach each other -- both women are dramatically, forever changed.

Her book Into the Forest made a huge impression on me when I read it years ago, and I still highly recommend it to people. If this one is as well done as that, we should be in for a great discussion.

Getting started
What we said about the book
Into the Flux
Beyond the End of Everything
A Glimpse of the World's Rough Grace


Jennifer said...

I have my book, ahead of time for once LOL, and I'm ready to read.

My cover looks just like the one you posted, Bonnie.

PS I liked knowing what we were reading for the next month early in the month, like the past two months have been, quite a bit. =^) Good job, Bonnie!

Teddy Rose said...

As usual, I wont be able to participate with this discussion, however I put it as well as 'Into the Forest' on my TBR.

Toby said...

I'm reading a sample of the first chapter, & I am very impressed with the writing.

alisonwonderland said...

i got the book from the library today, so i'm hopeful i can keep up with the reading schedule!