Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hopefully, Improving Blog Skills

It is good to see Emily and Caboose have joined the group as well!

If I understand this correctly, the best way to ensure that others read your post is to send something as a post rather than as a comment. My first message on this board was as a comment on the introduction site (I hadn't figured out yet that one needs to go to the sign in section to post a message) so it got buried. I think the strategy I am going to follow is to just read the comments on the newest posts as I can't tell how one would otherwise know that new comments have been posted unless one has a perfect memory and knows how many comments had been posted since the last time one looked at the board.

The Other Side of the Bridge sounds like a great first read for our reformed (that has lots of extra meaning to boot) group. I am going to check to see if our library has it. I'm currently reading The Bishop's Daughter (Amish themed books and books with quilting themes were the books that I was first able to focus on after my son's death) and The Tenth Circle (an Essencia Island read, but the new Oprah boards make it difficult to follow the messages). When I finish them, I am ready to read with our group. I always enjoy knowing that I have Caboose on my side as a person who is not reading as fast as so many of the posters.

I'm also pleased to see the Book Around the World challenge. The intro book (especially since it is audio), Three Weeks with my Brother, sounds like a great way to see the world and get ready for more travel.


Bonnie Jacobs said...

Click on "Shirley" at the bottom of your post and see that I added your comment to the reposted introductions post. It CAN be found, using labels!

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Actually, the Book around the World challenge doesn't have an introductory book. To take on that challenge, you would simply pick books that take you anywhere in the world ... which means the location is important or prominent in the book. After you read a book, tell us on THAT blog what you thought of it ... good, bad, indifferent.

We are looking for good book about various countries, and the book by Nicholas Sparks and his brother was the most recent one suggested. It comes in book format, but I happened to "read" the audio version of it.

I list all the books people suggest about various countries, and you can find the whole list on the sidebar. If you click on a title, you are taken to the post about that book and get to read what the publisher or a reader has said about it.