Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Hello Book Buddies

Hello Book Buddies,

It looks like Bonnies Blog has led me once again to my old book buddies. I have been missing our old times together and the many chats that we were never quite sure where they would
lead. Our adventures all started with the opening of a book and ended with friendships we just won't let go of.

I am ready to see Bonnie's Blog emerge to its potential. The site looks terrific. Happy reading and happy posting everyone.

Lynne (otherwise known as bookread)

PS. Has anyone seen any of those pesky old camels around anywhere? They have been known to go where they aren't invited. Some may recall a slight problem we had with them in the past.

Each book I open, I find a friend.


caboose said...

Hello bookread

Let me be the first to welcome you from the state next door. Hope your harvest moom was as bright and colorful as ours.

Anonymous said...

Hi everybody! Hope you don't mind if I jump on board. I'm Lori from the Someday group, 40s and 80 books ( and whatever else I can squeeze in!) I won't be able to pick up this read as I'm already overextended this month but I'd like to join in for future reads.

BTW, what's up with the camels??

Lori :)

Toby said...

Lynne, that was a wonderful post. I really liked what you said. Also, what's up with those camels? :) I'm afraid that I have been not been active in book buddies in about a year, I think.

Anonymous said...

Lori and Toby asked first."What's up with the camels?"

Will someone tell us SOMETHING about them?

It seems like something we should know now that our interest has been peaked.

Anyone.....we're waiting..........