Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Whew, I am glad I found you all here, but it wasn't easy. My name is Jo, I am an eclectic reader. I have 9 grandchildren and a great grandson that I baby sit 5 days a week. (I retired a year ago, so I guess my family thought I needed a new job) I am an old time Book Buddy, who has been away for quite awhile. I went to the Oprah site to find BBs but what a mess. I found Esscensia (I was around when we created Esscensia on one of virtual vacations) Saw Anne's post that Bonnie had started a new site, but the PM was not working. Fortunately I was able to goggle it and here I am. I have not started the new selection yet, but I will pick it up and catch up.
It was great to see a few familiar people around, Margreet and Caboose Hi.

Till later
Just me


Marg said...

Hi Jo!

It's good to see that you found us here!

caboose said...

Hello Jo,

Welcome back, Happy to see another book buddie has found the way to our new site.