Tuesday, October 16, 2007

OSB Questions 10-13

Ok here goes:

10. Have you ever said something impulsively that you later regretted? How was it decided where you would go to school or what work you would do? Has irritation ever gotten you into trouble?

I think I have tried to forget things said on impulse. I'm not an impulsive person really but if I get angry enough I tend to say things I really don't mean. My husband is very competitive at everything, even our little tiny arguments. It's like he wants a fight, and he has to have the last word. So I tend to walk away, and he just yells more lol. Anyway, I remember one fight where I actually said something to the effect that he wasn't strong enough...oh I remember....he was trying to diet (Atkins) and I told his best friend to let me know how it goes because my husband doesn't have the willpower to stay on that diet. I felt absolutely horrible. I could see the look on his face was just pure shock and disappointment. I have always, since then, kept my feelings in check until I was for sure they needed to be voiced.

I wanted to go to school close to home, but not close enough that my parents could drop in at anytime. I ended up going to WVU, only 30 minutes from my parents house. But, I was completely on my own and they had to call before making the trip up here. But WVU is also a really good school and I wanted to go to law school here. Well, after trying to get in long enough to let my LSATs expire, I gave up on that idea. I graduated with a degree in Communication Studies (easiest thing to do after trying Accounting, I just wanted out) a minor in Business Admin (from so many Acct. classes) and a minor in Spanish (just wanted to learn to speak it). I think I faired pretty well lol.

See above story for irritation getting me into trouble with my husband LOL!!

11. Is luck that important? Does determinations and hard work matter? Is the author saying being sensible or smart doesn't make much difference if your luck runs out?

I'm not sure I believe in luck. I think determination and hard work are a huge part of things. I'm not sure that it would be fair in the whole scheme of things if some people are just luckier than others. I'm not sure we were put here on earth to be competitive in life like that. I believe there is a plan for everyone, which also includes the plans for the people they are meant to affect. Just like in the story, I think Arthur is the one who was meant to be obedient and trustworthy and hardworking because it was in his plans to teach that to Ian. So, I don't think luck has anything to do with it. ( I feel like I'm rambling lol)
In that passage, I don't think the author is saying that nothing matters but luck, I think it's Ian's entire attitude as of that moment. Hopefully it changes :)

12. What do you think, does Pete have a choice? Does Ian just not get it? Is it luck to be born into one family or another? And how does that impact your life?

I absolutely think Pete has a choice, but I'm not sure Pete sees it that way. I think Ian is the one who is saying, everyone has a choice, you can get out or you can stay. Just like he was thinking about it in the beginning when he realized that his father and grandfather both went to Toronto but ended up coming back. I don't think he saw their reasoning behind wanting to be back in Struan. I think Pete is the one who thinks that it's lucky that Ian was born into a doctor's family because then he gets to be a doctor. I don't think Pete sees that he has a choice to leave if he wants. I think it's a big impact on someone's life that doesn't see his choices. It limits them to what they think they can do, not what they've always wanted to do.

13. What happens when we assume everyone thinks the way we do? Can you think of an example?

In some weird, strange way the first things that came to my mind were Hitler and cults. I think that a cult arises from one person thinking that there are many people who believe like they do and that they should all get together to try to persuade others who don't think like they do. I just think assumptions are really bad and can lead to extreme decisions usually involving someone's life.
On the lighter side of things (lol that was weird) I think that assuming someone thinks like you could cause friendships, like Pete's and Ian's, to disintegrate. One person, usually the one assuming, tends to try to force the issue which causes the other person to get defensive and try to show why his views aren't like the assumers. Just a bad thing in general.

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