Friday, October 5, 2007

Prologue is a Grabber

I received my copy of the other side of the bridge from the library and read the prologue. It is quite a grabber. I am already taking sides--liking Arthur and dreading what mischief Jake will be up to.

Kids with readily available knives to throw around? What kind of parents do these boys have? Does Arthur's foot heal?

So far, it looks like a great first read for our newly reformed group.


Toby said...

If you think the prologue is a grabber, ....... are not getting anything out of me. Today, I almost shed a tear. The way the writing is, you can relate to all of the characters. It doesn't mean that you would do what the characters do, but it makes you understand where everyone is coming from. It's such an easy read, yet I find myself reading slower than I normally do, because it's that type of story. It's that good.

Lapa said...
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Margreet said...

The prologue IS a grabber. it makes me so curious to know what they're up to next. A very smart and intriguing way to introduce the two brothers!
Toby thanks for not giving away more of the story. I know how hard that is, lol.
I've read a few pages into ch.1 last night before I fell asleep. Love the reading sofar!