Saturday, October 13, 2007

Question 5 OSB

5. How were Jake and Arthur affected by their family dynamic? Did their mother pamper Jake too much? Did their father favor Arthur because he was easier to manage, or was Jake difficult to manage because of his father’s favoritism?

Arthur was very much like his father in temperament. He was a good person and a plodder. He could be depended on to work hard and take care of responsibilities. He also was very much like his father in that he could not bear to see his mother disappointed, even when keeping her happy meant he suffered. In the end he was protecting Jake from himself and his father, all to please his mother. Their father didn't as much "favor" Arthur, though it must have seemed that way to Jake, as he just didn't understand Jake. Jake on the other hand, tried hard to get his dad to notice him, albeit in all the wrong ways. His mother only made the gulf between Jake and his father and brother wider.

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