Thursday, November 15, 2007


Hi, I haven't finished the book yet. Hopefully tomorrow, so I'll wait to check out the questions. So, far, I love the way the author puts in subtle hints, like the waiter/Doc washed his hands & scrubbed under his fingernails. I have been totally immersed in Bruno's character. I feel like I have been taking the journey with him, wondering what the heck is going on, not wanting to let in all at once that something bad is happening. Yesterday was kind of serendipity. I was able to read for a short while at work while burning discs. I came home, & a man that survived the holocaust & is a furniture repairer part time now, was in my home. I listened very carefully to the sound of his accent. Then, later that night, I listened to the Oprah show that I taped. On the show, was a man who was in the concentration camp, age 14, from Poland,who met a Jewish girl who pretended to be a christian, who's family emigrated from Poland & lived on a farm nearby. She was on the outside of the fence. She threw an apple over the top of the fence & also brought him bread daily for maybe 7 months. He told her 1 day not to come tomorrow, because he was being transferred to another camp. She left with tears. He walked away with tears. The Russians saved him. They liberated the camp. He was scheduled to die in 2 hours. The thing was his mother said to him that she was sending him an angel & in 2 days, he had met her. About 15 years later, in New York, USA, they were fixed up. She asked what he did during the war. He responded that he was in the camps. She said that she gave a boy apples. He asked her if the boy was tall & did he say he was going away. She said yes. He proposed to her on the spot & they have been married ever since. I cried watching it. I remember seeing them 11 years ago on the show. Cool.


Toby said...

Sorry for spelling mistakes. I can't type or spell. LOL!

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Toby, I went in and fixed all mistakes. Next time you type a comment, notice that the tool bar has a check mark with ABC beside it. That's spell check, which also notices if you forget to space between words. It will show you all mistakes. You can respell each word until you get it right, if you click "continue editing" and try again.

Toby said...

Thanks Bonnie!!