Friday, November 2, 2007

Laura and Jake; New Book

I also was disappointed in Laura for having any positive feelings for Jake. She seemed like such a good mother and very caring to her father and Arthur that risking her relationship with Arthur and her children over someone with Jake's track record seemed very stupid. She did seem to avoid him at first so maybe Jake is just too irresistable.

"Love" can sure be stupid. Within the last couple of years there have been two cases in which women (mothers even) fell in love with inmates (one was a volunteer who had established a dog training program--they wound up in Chattanooga of all places--and the other was a corrections officer who had been fired for becoming too close to a prisoner) and helped their love escape from prisons right here in Kansas. Being in love and blind to some imperfections is one thing, but allowing the emotion of "love" to commit criminal acts or even the risk of losing someone who has been a good husband sure seems stupid to me.

I checked our library's web side to see if Cold Comfort Farm is available. It is, but has a different book cover. Does anyone know if the editions are different?

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caboose said...

To me love is a strange emotion, it will make us feel good, warm and fuzzy all over, when thing are perfect. Those feelings can be torn out in a heartbeat when a new person enters the picture... We fall in love with what our eyes see as mouth-watering, we fail to notice smells, bad behavior and even those words that shred our self confidence. Stupid refers to a lack of ability while ignorant refers to knowledge. Was I stupid when I feel in love with my (X), hell yes I was, dumb as a rock. I would hope and pray that all our conversation about what once was a way of thinking, might now be known as maturity wisdom and growth. I would hope that all young women who have those feeling discover from hearing what parents, friends and relatives have learned from reading, longevity or even using the computer for fact based material. Sadly I must say it does not look like much change in our culture with that word (LOVE)