Tuesday, December 4, 2007

CCF - some thoughts

Just got the book today. Was sent the wrong reprint. I wanted the current one, because of the illustrations of the characters. So, being upset about the book, I read around 20 pages. I did laugh a few times. However, I found Flora's logic ludicrous. Most teenagers/young adults want to be independent & here she had a friend that would be there for her as well as others. I know that this is tongue & cheek, so maybe that was the whole idea of the plot. As for changing others, ha. Naive or conceited. A bit of the ego. Ludicrous or not, it sets us on a path of what will happen next with built in conflict.
I was going to answer the questions from BSP, but I gave the book to my father to read. Then, my nephew came over & I gave the book to him to read. The questions were in the back of the book. I'm not sure how you copy Bonnie's questions other than to type it in. Anyway, I really enjoyed what others had to say & didn't have much more to say anyway. I was shocked by the end of the book.
I just saw a movie on TV the other day, Pictures of Hollis Woods. I cried at the end. The movie was based on a book of fiction. Would anyone want to consider this book for a future book selection?

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Toby said...

Correction. The book is Pictures of Hollis Woods.