Wednesday, December 12, 2007

OT - I'm back!

Hey ladies, I'm still here. Just wanted to let you know what happened. I was admitted into the hospital on November 12th for severe preeclampsia. Then on November 14th at 955am, my son Ethan was born. He had to be taken 10 weeks early because my blood pressure was through the roof. Anyway, we are all better now, and he is recovering in the NICU. I'm with him all day every day so I have plenty of reading time but no time to blog. I actually finished the Boy in the Striped Pajamas in November. By the way I loved it and I can't wait to go thru the discussions. I have CCF but haven't started it yet, I will soon though. I hope that I can actually join in this discussion!!


Bonnie Jacobs said...

Congratulations, Mom! I'm glad both of you are okay. I hope you will be able to keep us up to date on how Ethan is doing.

Please feel free to comment on BSP in the posts so we can all see it ... and maybe talk about it with you.

Is Ethan your first child?

Margreet said...

Congratulations Kristina!! That must have been scary, but I understand that all went well in the end. Give your little Ethan a kiss from book-auntie Margreet from the Netherlands.

Shelley said...

Congratulations Kristina and Ethan! If you're like me, reading can keep you sane during the stressful challenges of life. Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

Thanks ladies!! Reading does keep me sane Shelley!! All is well right now, will keep you updated!!