Sunday, January 6, 2008

PHW ~ Shelley's answers

1. Why is the first picture called "X"? And why do you think Hollis has kept it in spite of the X? Discuss Hollis’s idea of home.

I think we all have a mutual annoyance for the teacher! It is obvious at this point that Hollis is gifted in that she has the capacity for figurative concepts at such a young age. The teacher was obviously below her in intelligence and tact! I think she keeps the picture because she has not really given up her wish.

2. We've heard that "a picture is worth a thousand words," so think up a picture of your family when you were a child. What would your "picture" show? Why is that particular moment in your family so special?

If I drew a picture of my family when I was a child, it would be all of us eating dinner while watching television! That was the only time we were together.

3. Except for the first chapter, all the others are said to be "The Time with Josie." What happens in chapter one? What name would you give this chapter?

How about "Mustard Lady Delivers Hollis to Art Teacher Wielding Knife"?

4. Beatrice had been an art teacher for 40 years, but had never seen anyone who could do what Hollis could do (p. 43). The Old Man had said, "Where'd you ever learn to do that?" (pp. 44, 47), and Izzie had said, "You have a gift, pure and simple" (p. 44). What are some of the many many art career options for Hollis?

I think previous posts have covered this well. On a somewhat related not, I like the discussion of the value of her art on pg. 45 when Beatrice says, "And sometimes what you see is so deep in your head you're not even sure of what you're seeing. But when it's down there on paper, and you look at it, really look, you'll see the way things are, " and, "You, the artist, can't hide from the world, because you're putting yourself down there too."

5. I'm testing your memory with this question. What was Hollis's favorite color in the leather box of colored pencils the Old Man gave her? What do you imagine Hollis would draw with that color?

I would be cheating if I answered this, having read the other's answers! (Next time I guess I should answer the questions without reading any others first!) I do agree that she would draw the Delaware.

6. Josie told Hollis, "There are saltwater people, and freshwater people" (p. 23). Which was Hollis? Which are you? Tell us why.

As for Hollis, I couldn't put it any better than the others in what the ocean and the river represent for her. I myself am a freshwater person, and coincidentally, I am also drawn to the security of a close-knit family.


Bonnie Jacobs said...

"Mustard Lady Delivers Hollis to Art Teacher Wielding Knife"

I love it! Wow, publishers should hire you to write chapter titles. This may sound like I'm being facetious, but I am really impressed with your title. It has me laughing out loud, truly!

Chain Reader said...

Thanks! I know I could never write a whole book, so maybe I should just focus on chapter titles!