Thursday, January 17, 2008


The others have already said what I would say, except 10. I have made decisions based on what someone has said to me or what others have said to others. Since this book involves art, there are many instances. 1 being the simple act of sketching or drawing in public. It can be really intimidating & if someone wants to see what you are sketching, it can be downright scary. When I first started to sketch in public, I would cover the page if someone was looking my way. After all, I was still a beginner, & super critical of my sketches. I've come to learn that most, if not all artists feel that way. Now, I don't care who looks at my sketches, well, for the most part. Someone had said, "just tell people that you are practicing", if they saw something that wasn't perfect. Another said to say out loud, "I am an ARTIST". "Tell people that you are an artist." I can only say that to myself, not out loud. I'm working on that as well as others in my art group. All it takes is a word(s) said & then you have a light bulb moment & your life alters, just as Hollis listened to words said by Steven & others in her mind. Then, when she saw her artwork that she drew, she saw what she had actually seen at that moment. When you sketched something, & look at it years later , you usually can remember everything that you thought, saw, felt at the time. Memories in pictures. (Sorry to write a book. Can you tell that I just love this book!)

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