Thursday, February 7, 2008


1) Lucia grows up in an upper class family,the masters, even though her parents are considered lower class, the sevants. Lucia gets a private tutor to educate her. She also has the freedom to mingle with upper class men & encouraged to fall in love with an upper class man. The old lady's doing. That old man creeps me out. He tells Lucia, who's about 15 years old. You are ripe now. I can smell it. He describes the smell & greedily smells the air. Ich!!!!!!! Run Lucia, Run!!!!!
2) She gives up the love of her life because she believes that 1 person being happy is better than both being unhappy. ( I've read alot, so not sure which part this belongs in.)
3) Who knows what Lucia thinks of men! She thinks so much, but she is basically just being honest about her feelings. Maybe she thinks that men like to chase women & then dump them when they catch them.
I found the names too long to remember, & have to ask myself, which guy are they talking about now. It would be easier if they said Bob, Mike or Harry. LOL!

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