Saturday, March 8, 2008

Different covers

I thought that some people might be interested to see some of the different covers there are for this book, simply because I know that my cover is different to one that other Book Buddies are reading.

Australian Cover:

UK Cover:

US Cover:

I am not particularly fond of any of them. I guess the UK one is 'prettiest' if I had to choose one. If I wasn't already a Brooks fan, I am not sure I would have picked up either the US or the Australian books if I was just browsing in the bookstore


Zorro said...

I do love the cover of the US book. The gold leaf of the butterfly is so rich looking.

Marg, thank you for letting me know how to edit my posts here. Last night I was going bonkers trying to get things worked out with the editing. At peak times, there must really be a delay in how fast the posts are posted.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

A photo of a woman's neck???? With a cover like that, how in the world would readers know it was a book about a book? I like the US cover which looks almost gilded ... it actually glitters in the light. But the UK cover showing an actual book makes the most sense ... except for the butterfly wings on both sides that seem to be making the book into the body of the butterfly. What's with that?

alisonwonderland said...

different book covers are interesting, aren't they? thanks for posting these.

Marg said...

Interesting that the US cover is almost gilded! You can't tell that from the photos I have seen so it looks kind of flat.

zorro, you are wlecome!

Bonnie, if it helps there is a butterfly on the back!

Alison, I find it interesting, especially seeing as we were talking about the book as a thing, rather than for what is inside.