Sunday, March 16, 2008


Although I have surprisingly read the pages involved with the questions Bonnie posted, I am both embarassed that I am unable to remember some of the names of the people referred to in the questions and just couldn't get into the questions even though I have been enjoying the book.

I have found the joy the main characters have in their work to be impressive. However, Hanna's mother has taken her professional zeal to the extreme. I wish I had found a career that gave me greater satisfaction (being an auditor/accountant for the state doesn't provide much job satisfaction other than the resulting income). Fortunately, I have other outlets that I do find satisfying.


Zorro said...

Shirley, did you read with the Lost Generation book discussion group at Oprah?

Shirley said...

Yes. I read with the Lost Generation and Book Buddies/Essencia Island boards at Oprah until she changed the format and they became too cumbersome to deal with. A similar change occurred with the AOL boards that I enjoyed. Were you on the Lost Generation board as well?

I am quite thankful that Bonnie started this blog, but I do hope that the discussion picks up. There have been some good reads here. I admit though that I am more of a lurker than a poster so I should try to become part of the solution about the boards instead of just a complainer.