Saturday, March 1, 2008

Reading POB by Zorro

I was on my way to B&N back in January and was listening to NPR - Diane Rehm Show. Her guest was Geraldine Brooks discussing POB. I was so intrigued by the discussion, so when I found the book with the beautiful butterfly on the cover, I used my Christmas gift card to purchase it. I am so glad I did! Thanks to Anne, I found Book Buddies, joined and started reading the book last week. I had not intended to read it so fast, but I am finishing up today.

I am very impressed with G. Brooks. This is my third GB book, having just finished March and read Year of Wonders a couple of years ago. She writes well-researched historical fiction.

The book holds several surprises! I am looking forward to discussing it with you all.


Zorro said...

I wonder why I have those big spaces between paragraphs??

Bonnie Jacobs said...

I fixed it for you ... by deleting a couple of spaces between paragraphs. And I changed "posted by Zorro" to "Zorro" so that all of your posts will appear when anybuddy clicks on the label "Zorro." I'm glad you've posted something here.

Zorro said...

Bonnie, I have corrected the spelling also. Now I see that I can correct the post at any time. Thanks for correcting the spacing for me.

Neco said...

Hola Zorro! Glad to see you over here. I'm convinced, I'm buying POB at Costco when I got this week if I can't find it at the Summerville Library on Monday. I didn't make it on Friday cause I was too busy caring for little Doug's Mommy-to-be!