Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Last Two of Posted Questions

13. "He would have emerged a different man if he'd been born someone else's son. A hunter. A warrior, perhaps. It wasn't predestined, his current life as Mididima's teacher" (p. 115). Have you ever wondered who you might have been, if you had been born to someone else?
This reminds me of something that I believe was said by Malcolm Forbes when asked for his secret to financial success. His secret was, "Choose your womb very, very carefully."
I've never given any serious thought to what my life would have been life if I had been born to someone else.

14. When Abayomi brought his mangled child to Matani's father, Matani had bolted, "cowering like a child" (p. 129). How did this affect his life?
Matani's running from rather than confronting something bad continued throughout his life making it difficult for him to confront reality.

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