Wednesday, April 2, 2008

POB - Video review

I know that people have probably moved on to the next book, but last night People of the Book was one of the books reviewed on a national book club that is shown here on the ABC (our public network). I thought that some of you might be interested in watching the video. It runs for about 10 minutes, and was quite an interesting discussion.

The main presenter is a journalist, and the other two regulars are Jason and Marieke. She is an actress/writer/blogger and Jason is the Books Editor in one of our major newspapers.The other two are guests - one is a satirist and the other an author.

Click here to watch


Bonnie Jacobs said...

Thank you, Marg. What a great clip to watch. Now I want to go back and ask questions about what they discussed: Did you like Lola? Which era did you find most interesting? Did you hate Hanna Heath? What about the rabbi and the priest ... did you like them?

Actually, I don't think we are EVER beyond one of our books. If we should happen upon a video like this of anything we have EVER read, then we should share it here.

Chain Reader said...

Thanks for the link! That was fun to watch. I agreed about the sex scenes, but the one guys favorites--the priest and the gambler, where the most boring for me! My favorite time period was the one with Lola. I didn't find myself too annoyed with Hanna like they did.