Sunday, May 18, 2008

Books to Consider

I have read positive reviews of Tony Earley's books Jim the Boy which came out several years ago and the follow up book The Blue Star which picks up later in the character's life. Perhaps we could read Jim the Boy and then if we like that we could read The Blue Star at a later date.


alisonwonderland said...

before Googling it just now, i'd never heard of Jim the Boy. while i'm not opposed to reading a book i've never heard of, it would be terrific for me to read one of the hundreds of books already on my to-read list! i'll look over my lists and make few suggestions. (BTW neither The Camel Bookmobile nor Windfalls were already on my to-read list, and i really liked them both - just so you know!)

Shirley said...

I hope you'll share some of the books from your list. Although I don't think we want to get too many books ahead on our list for this group, I do hope we can start having the list a couple of months before reading each book. I did have The Camel Bookmobile on my memntal list of books to ready, but the other books that we've read so far are ones that I would otherwise have read.

I do hope we soon select some that generate more discussion.