Friday, June 6, 2008

Devil in White City Questions


Sketches of Holmes ->

1. In what ways is this nonfiction book like a novel? Is it more satisfying to read fiction or nonfiction?

I find fiction more satisfying because there is a story, a plot, with action that I need to imagine in order to understand and enjoy. With non-fiction I need a visual report of the actual people and places, so with this book I have done a lot of googling for images of the Chicago fair.

2. What have you found out so far about Chicago, the Fair, and the two men: Burnham and Holmes? I have found daguerotypes of photos of the fairgrounds. I also am looking for pictures of the people involved in the building of the fair. This picture is landscape architect Fredrich Olmsted.


Zorro said...

I love this picture of Olmstead in the beautiful landscape that he must have loved designing!

Now I am going to search for a picture of Burnham.

Chain Reader said...

It's great to put faces to names. Now I can have accurate nightmares about Holmes!