Friday, June 20, 2008

Jim the Boy

I received this from the library so have started it early. (The negative thing about using the library as the first choice for our reads is that they don't necessarily send the book to coincide with when we are reading it. However, the benefits of being free as well of the convenience of being able to order books online with them shipping them to me makes the small negative quite minor.) After the intensity of Devil in White City, Jim the boy seems to be an easy read (even has big print and wide margins)which is a much calmer approach to life. Although the good ol' days weren't as good as folks sometimes like to recall them, this book reflects a refreshing look at a childhood in a rural setting in which a child knew that he was loved.

I hope that others will be able to get the book and will be joining in this July discussion.

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Zorro said...

Hope I can get to Jim...I have 2 long, long books already for July.