Sunday, June 8, 2008

Trying to Remember

I listened to Devil in White City several years ago so am trying to remember more about it. The links have been a wonderful enrichment of the story. At first, I was thinking that the popular quilt contest sponsored by Sears was at this Chicago World's Fair, but I just discovered that they were 40 years apart--the book's fair was in 1893 while the one with the Sears quilt contest was in 1933.

The murders were sure creepy! That part I well remember.

Insofar as the non-fiction vs. fictional type of read, I thought the info on the architects did read (or listen) like non-fiction whereas the murderer and victims read more like fiction.

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Chain Reader said...

I completely agree with your last statement. I find my reading pace quickens on the Holmes chapters. Maybe to go along with my heart rate.