Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Jim the Boy

6. Why do you think Uncle Al took Jim on the trip out of town? What do the incident with the horses and his first view of the ocean teach him?
I think Al thought the trip would allow Jim to see more of the world and give him a chance to buy the horses. When they realized that the owner had shot the horses to avoid having to sell them, Jim realized that things do not always turn out the way one planned.

7. The uncles are always teaching Jim things. What teaching moments have you noticed?
When Jim first saw the ocean at Myrtle Beach, Uncle Al told Jim not to ever make fun of the misfortunes of others and gave an interesting analogy about making fun of others: "No good will ever come of it. God will bring you down. If you use his blessings to look down on other people, it's like cussing. I't like taking his name in vain."
The education that Jim received from his uncles was practical and compassionate.

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