Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Books in general

Hi Buddies,
I am trying to catch up on my 10 blogs. Toby, thanks for the great info on the Kindle. I bought my Mom and myself each a Sony Reader this last Christmas. But my big problem is that I love the actual BOOK. I just can’t help myself, I told my self that I would not buy as many now since I have the reader. Plus the selection here is not so great but as soon as something new is on the shelf I grab it. Now is worse than ever, I feel so starved for a new book I will get what ever comes in on the next shipment to the PX (Post Exchange).
Can’t help myself ~Marylyn

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Toby said...

Your welcome, Marilyn!! See my latest "book" comment, on the schedule page. There was a reference to you. :)