Thursday, July 24, 2008

Jim the Boy -- Book II: Jim Leaves Home

The Wide Sea

Since I live in the Carolinas, I enjoyed reading as Jim and Uncle Al passed all the cities I'm near. Wished they could have gotten the horses since they traveled all that way but Jim did get to see more beyond him home town and go in the ocean.

Discussion Questions

6. Why do you think Uncle Al took Jim on the trip out of town? What do the incident with the horses and his first view of the ocean teach him?

I think Uncle Al took Jim to show him more of the world, teach him more about living in it, and for some company on the long drive. The horses incident taught Jim not to make fun of the misfortune of others and to pay as you go. The view of the ocean taught Jim there is so much more to the world than he knows and the world is so vast and also to be brave about trying new experiences.

7. The uncles are always teaching Jim things. What teaching moments have you noticed?

Besides the visit to Mr. Harvey Hartsell and going in the ocean for the first time, Uncle Al taught Jim by taking him on the trip, showing him new places, having a conversation with him about wanting a father figure, and telling him stories of his past in this chapter.

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