Wednesday, December 17, 2008


It was good to read Toby's post and to be updated with Bonnie's move.

I agree with Toby that the letters at the end of the book were extremely touching and helpful in giving a better understanding of the author's life and ultimate death.

Best wishes to you in your new apartment, Bonnie!

I have slowed down in my reading this year, but miss our discussions. The reading I've done is primarily lighter fare, but I recently enjoyed Tom Brokaw's Boom--Voices of the Sixties which was both a good way to recall my youth and catch up on the lives of some of the famous folks of that era. Amazing how much has changed since those turbulent years.

I'm trying to wrap up this year's annual Christmas cookbook. The theme this year was friends. Next year, I'm going to start a new tradition of just having each participant summarize their year. I'm also working on the family calendar. I am now up to August and will then go in and add quotes. The calendars have photos of each family member preferably taken sometime around their birthday so wind up being a nice keepsake for each year.

Hoping everyone has a nice holiday!


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