Sunday, May 2, 2010

First Set of Discussion Questions

1. Hmmmm....Jacob is afraid of the color orange because it means danger and it doesn't rhyme with anything. A couple of other thoughts on the picture of the oranges are "Orange you glad this isn't a test?" We're in for a juicy story. Several sections (people) make up the whole story.

2. Jacob's comment that the theft of the shoes was the motive for Theo killing him showed Jacob's understanding of Theo's love of the shoes while showing that he does have a sense of humor.

3. Jacob's realization that friends who treat persons with differences in a degrading way shows he does have a better understanding of people than he is given credit for. A friend does not mistreat you. The comment reminds me of an incident when my daughter was in kindergarten. She came home after the first day of school delighted with her new friend Sam. She came home very upset after the second day of school. When they were lined up to go to the restroom he told her she was in the wrong line as she was in the line for girls. After explaining that she is a girl, he proclaimed that they couldn't be friends as he didn't like girls. She was upset the rest of the day about his rejection. When I tucked her in bed that night, she gave a half-hearted smile and said that she thought it over and decided that that was all right after all as she didn't want to be friends with someone who let a little thing like that bother him.

4. I can't stand:
a. Favoritism that prevents others from getting a fair chance (such as getting a job or a promotion or being allowed to play in a sport).
b. Bias against people as a group (such as racism, age, weight).
c. Pain--emotional or physical--especially when it's me suffering from it.
d. Condescending behavior
e. Constant talking

5. I thought the household rules seemed appropriate. They are minimal and understandable. Although the intentions of the rules are followed without being stated, I no longer have young children at home that I would want to make rules for nor would I impose rules on my husband.

6. Emma is a freelance editor including doing an advice column. I can't remember what she did before that or if the freelancing is in addition to another job.

7. Another question I can't answer. I don't remember reading about Oliver in the first chapter.

8. I haven't made it this far in the book yet.

9. Knowing that I'm not a movie buff and that there is to be a special section on movie quotes, I will opt out of this question as well.

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