Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lynne's answers to third set of DQs

1. What does a ponytail holder have to do with the story?
A ponytail holder is important in the story because Jacob hates loose hair and this a good solution to the problem.
2.House Rules is written from the perspective of several different characters, each taking turns to narrate a chapter. Does this technique work for you?
This works very well for me. I would like to see more books written this way.
3. Theo breaks into houses and Jacob saves the Christmas cards. Both boys are trying to have the same thing-what they consider to be a real home. What makes their home not a "real" home to them? What do they want?
In this book Asperger's Syndrome robs the entire family of any normalcy with the rest of the world. Both boys feel the lonliness and aloneness in their lives.With no father around to provide for them and be a help mate to the mother, mom is wearing out and the love and comfort of a cozy home that the rest of the world seems to have is lacking in the Hunt family.
4. On page 146 Jacob says being on the other side of dead isn't that different from have Asperger's.
It is like that wall of separation that you can't break through. You can't connect with others and you can't feel them.
5. The evidence points to Mark as a suspect. He claims he's innocent. What does Emma see on the news that changes everything? How would you react? Would you call the police?
Emma sees the rainbow patchwork family quilt and no matter how hard she tries she can't unsee it. I think I might have talked to Jacob first about it. It is hard to know what I would do in this situation and I really don't want to criticize Emma in such a predicament. However I would want to search every avenue of help I could think of before turning him over to the police. But then I would eventually call the police. In the end you always have to do what is right.
6. Don't have time to answer this one right now.

7. What do Skittles have to do with the story?
Skittles is Jacob's absolute favorite candy and was used to sweeten Jacob into talking at the police station. (like giving candy to a baby)


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