Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Help - 2nd set of Questions/Answers by Susan

Aibileen is my favorite character - she didn't hold grudges, tried to see the good in things, and especially tried to teach her 'white babies' self-worth and confidence and character. My least favorite was Hilly - I don't know what her problem was, except maybe she wanted to be in charge of everything and everyone. Minny was a hoot! I would root for her to tell her boss what she was really thinking, but of course that always got her fired, so she would try real hard to hold her tongue. The Terrible Awful Thing she did was a funny story, don’t think about it too much - gross - but in the long run, worth it! She definitely had enough reasons to mistrust white people.

Racism is definitely taught, handed down from generation to generation - I still see it today, living in rural Appalachia where rebel flags and rednecks rule.

~posted by Susan of patchwork reflections

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