Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Second Quarter Queries (We Make the Road by Walking)

If you feel comfortable doing it, compose honest and heartfelt replies to one or more of these queries and share your thoughts with us.

1.  Here is the meaning I find in the stories of John the Baptist, the virgin birth, Herod's slaughter of innocent children, the ancestor lists, the coming of the Magi, and Jesus in the Temple at age twelve.
2.  Here is why Jesus' parables, miracles, and teaching about hell are important to me.
3.  Here is how I respond to Jesus' care for the multitudes and Jesus' attitudes toward Caesar.
4.  Here is my understanding of "the kingdom of God."
5.  Here is what it means to me to say, "I believe in Jesus.  I have confidence in Jesus."
6.  If you have been baptized, what does that baptism mean to you?  If you have not been baptized, what would it mean for you to choose to be baptized now?
7.  What do you appreciate most about this learning circle?

1 comment:

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Lack of interest means we are abandoning this book, at least for now.