Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Dream a little ... and let's do it

This is a place for book discussions. What would you like this group to become? Click on comments below this post and tell us. If you want to be a Book Buddy with posting privileges, email me at emerging DOT paradigm AT yahoo DOT com or leave your email address (in that sort of format) in the comments. Which book would you like to discuss? Should we suggest several books and vote for one each month? With this format, I can post our discussion questions in the sidebar each month ... or provide a link to the questions, if that works best.


Margreet said...

Hi Bonnie.
Love the idea of building a Book Buddies group here.
I'll leave it to you how you want to handle the technical details. After all, YOU are the blogging queen!!! Not me, I'm an amateur..:)


Bonnie Jacobs said...

Okay, let's see how many come to visit. Shirley has already emailed me, so we're off to a good start!

Neco said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bonnie Jacobs said...

How do you like my airplane flying over the beach photo? I think of that beach sand as the path onto Essencia Island from the beach. You'll have to decide whether the ocean is behind you or just over the sand dune!

Neco (Anne),
Yes, please get in touch with 3 groups, if you don't mind:

Essencia Island
Around the World
The Tenth Circle

All three evolved from Book Buddies (and from each other). Thanks for doing this for me. I managed to get a full opening to type out a post to Around the World after posting one to Essencia Island 2 or 3 hours earlier. Harpo may have deleted both messages by now. Thanks.

Kailana said...

Oh, this is a good idea! Other blogs like this has existed in the past but they always vanish because the person that started them didn't have enough time.

I think suggesting books and then voting on them is a good idea, I also think picking books a bit ahead of time would be good too so that people have a chance to get books from the library and such. So, I am in. :)

kiwi_shelf AT hotmail DOT com is my email. :)

Margreet said...

Hi ladies,

I signed in via the email link. Does this mean I can now post blog messages too? I'm sorry, I'm a bit dim....it's early yet! lol.

Stephanie said...

Hey Bonnie!! I'm here!! As a rather Short Time member of Book Buddies, and someone who has been missing from Essencia for awhile, I'd love to get back in touch with everyone again!!! Sign me up, O Fearless Leader!!

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Yes, you can POST here, as well as comment on other posts. Whatever you want to do. I learned this stuff from my first challenge, that EVERYONE can post, but only the blog owner (me, in this case) is able to put things in the sidebar. So let me know what we want in the sidebar, and I'll do it for us.

You have been invited.

Shirley and Anne,
If you are reading this, you may hang around and make comments as ANONYMOUS without having to share email, if you like. Anonymous will be at the top as "Anonymous said" ... meaning we won't know if was you unless you put a name or nickname in the body of the comment, as we did at the Oprah site. It will still work. Please come back, Anne. And Shirley, you were the first!

sally906 said...

G'day bonnie

Thanks for telling me about book buddies. I would love to be part of it. I can't promise to be able to read every book - but what ones I can get here downunder I would certainly read and join in :)

Sally from Oz

Marylyn S said...

Hi Bonnie,
This is great but then you are always rallying us back together. I have only been lurking on the Oprah site. between the inavailability of specific books, work and school. I have not even been on my blog in sometime. I will try and read along here when I can.


Gerry said...

Hi Buddies,
So glad you did this Bonnie, and I see some of the starter members are here. You have been so missed....All of you.
I was truly shocked to see Oprah delete us all. Oh well! Time to move on. Bonnie I love the blog.
I am sure everyone knows me but here goes for any that does not. I am Gerry from Florida. I have two children, a son and a daughter, both long gone from home...One grand daughter who is the greatest. I am having her and two of her friends for the weekend. Love those teen agers. They keep me young. I live with my Fur Baby "Ganesha". Islanders, you remember that name?.....She is a toy poodle that will be one year old next month. What a delight she is. She filled a special place in my heart when I lost my beloved "Rouge".I still work but retirement is in my soon future. I am a financial manager for the DOD. Presently my job is consuming too much of me. I just got back from a cruise to Alaska. I flew into Vancouver and met Teddy (some of you will remember her from the island) at Starbucks for a short visit before boarding the cruise ship. Teddy is a sheer delight. What a treat to get to meet her. The cruise was wonderful, I did lots of things and had the time of my life. Now vacation is over.I look forward to reading lots of good new books with all of you. I am currently reading "A passage to India" and I am reading the Harry Potter series. I am reading book 2 and loving it. I am watching each one of the movies after I finish the book. It is so much fun being a child again and dwelling in fantasy land. I bought the complete set so Please..No-one tell me how it ends. :}
Enough from me. Let's get started having as much fun as we use to have. No camels on the blog. Owen Meaney has kept a special place in my heart.
Thanks for letting me drift along here.

Teddy said...

Hi Bonny and All Book Buddies,

I'm glad you set this up. I am fed up with Oprah as well and have moved the Classics Club book discussions to Yahoo groups.

I can't beleive Harpo deleted all of our book clubs without prior notice and there will be no way to retreive our old messages. Thats unaceptable in my books!

Just a heads up that I wont be able to participate much for awhile due to family problems/ obligations, but I do want to be a member and see my old book buddies.


Teddy said...

It was a sheer delight to meet Gerry, as well.


Neco said...

Oh my, where did my post on here go? I don't think I deleted it. Oh well, ya'll seem to have gotten it at some point.

I've been off the Oprah boards for a few days (my birthday, my brother-in-law's birthday, and not being able to get on a couple of nights) and when I got back on the PM function was gone. When/if it comes back up, I'll send the members of those 3 groups a PM.

Hehe, I just read your other post to me. I don't mind giving my email out on here if I need to because I can leave it up for a day or two then delete the post. I also thought I saw your email posted over in the Oprah boards somewhere so I could just email you mine. Let me know if you need it. I do have a blogger account under neco.


PS Oh wow, so many post from people I remember on the old boards!

PPS Gerry, I am reading the Harry Potter books too. And I'm on the 2nd book as well. Coincidence? lol We'll have to trade notes on what we think.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

More magic from the blogging world, Anne's DELETED comment:

Neco has left a new comment on your post "Dream a little ... and let's do it":

Oh wow, Book Buddies is back! ~excited~ I wasn't here for the original BB, but I've heard about it.

A few weeks with not much internet time and when I get back on, there is all sorts of new fun stuff.

I don't think I can commit to reading with ya'll regularly, but I'll be lurking around and reading your posts.

The new Oprah book club boards have a PM function. If you'd like, I can PM the Essencia Island girls about this and let them know where you are and to tell any other former BB member they have contact with about it.

Posted by Neco to Book Buddies on 9/18/07 at 5:47 PM

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Anne said, "Hehe, I just read your other post to me. I don't mind giving my email out on here if I need to because I can leave it up for a day or two then delete the post. I also thought I saw your email posted over in the Oprah boards somewhere so I could just email you mine. Let me know if you need it. I do have a blogger account under neco."

Anne, please email me so I can officially INVITE you to be a contributor to our Book Buddies blog. Here's my email address: emerging dot paradigm at yahoo dot com.

Please mention Book Buddies on any Oprah board to any reader friends that they are welcome here. Thanks.

Neco said...

Hola Bonnie! I just email you. Let me know if you don't get it.

I'll post up about the new Book Buddies on the Oprah boards when I get on tonight or tomorrow to put up the last few discussion questions (assuming the boards let me on, lol).

Neco said...

I just emailed you. I did not "just email you."

caboose said...

Hello Fearless Leader,

Bonnie, I can not find the commit I sent you yesterday. Once again I got lost in cyberspace. I did find my way to check on my blogger password, so maybe I am clear to post...LOL...I am trilled to see all my buddies posting. You are so good in keeping us together. Thank you and a big hug too.