Wednesday, October 17, 2007

OSB-DQ 10-12

10. Have you ever said something impulsively that you later regretted? How was it decided where you would go to school or what work you would do? Has irritation ever gotten you into trouble?

Have I ever sad something impulsive that I have regretted? So often, that I can't think of one time in particular right now. I ran away and got married (at 17 1/2) after an argument with my dad over the date. Is that impulsive enough? I ended up taking many years to finish college between raising children, a divorce and life in general. My work decided on me. I took a job in an industrial lab because the money was decent. I kept moving to different labs to make better money. I had three children to support. I guess you could say necessity decided my career.

11. Is luck that important? Does determinations and hard work matter? Is the author saying being sensible or smart doesn't make much difference if your luck runs out?

There is an element of luck to life. Unfortunately, often being lucky enough or unlucky enough, to be born a member of a particular race or group makes a large difference in how much hard work and determination one must expend. Being in the right place at the right time can be a matter of luck. Taking advantage of the opportunities presented us is not a matter of luck. Determination and hard work do matter, but as I stated above in some circumstances (such as birth group) one can get along without much of it or need to expend great amounts of both and to get anywhere at all.

13. What happens when we assume everyone thinks the way we do? Can you think of an example?

We all know what assuming makes out of us. I have made this mistake in reference to politics and found myself in an uncomfortable situation.


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