Tuesday, October 9, 2007

OSB discussion questions ~ prologue

1. How were you affected by the novel’s prologue? What did you discover about Arthur and Jake in this scene?

2. How would you answer the questions that conclude the prologue?
a. Was Jake surprised because he had never considered the possibility that he might be a less-than-perfect shot? Did he have that much confidence in himself, that little self-doubt?

b. Or was he merely surprised at how easy it was to give in to an impulse, and carry through the thought that lay in your mind? Simply to do whatever you wanted to do, and damn the consequences.
3. What accounts for the differences between those who follow the rules, like Arthur, and those who defy them?

4. Which came more easily for you as an adolescent: obedience or defiance?

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Shirley said...

1. The prologue not only provided the background info for the book, but made me interested in the characters. Arthur was the faithful, reliable son while Jake was the rambunctious one.

2. Jake was quite the confident lad who gave no thought to the possible consequences of his actions.

3. Rule followers provide the stability needed for the defiant ones to have the freedom to act on their whims.

4. I remember quite well the defiance that I felt as an adolscent, but I was too concerned about doing the right thing and too worried about the response of my family to act out much defiance.