Monday, October 22, 2007

Reply to Questions

Arthur, mild mannored, has made the universal mistake of assuming something & then getting kicked in the teeth afterwards. He thought Jake was just fooling around under the bridge. After all from past experience...... It's like the boy who cried wolf too much & nobody believed him when he finally was telling the truth. Plus, I am assuming that Arthur will feel worse about the accident for years to come, than will Jake. Recklace Jake will continue to do just what he wants & not think about the consequences. It was rediculous of Arthur's mother to make Arthur go to school forever, even though I understand her reasoning. She meant well. She cares for her children, but doesn't understand that she lets Jake get away with everything & treats him like a baby. Jakes mom could have made him feed the chickens & milk the cows. Sounds like she needed a reality check.
Ian knows that he is going to college, & everyone expects him to go as well, but Pete must think that he knows that there is no way he is going to college. Maybe it's because he can't afford to go to college, or can't get accepted because he's a Canadian Indian or maybe he's not interesed in going. Ian would make a fantastic Doctor, but he wants to make the choice of what he wants to be. He really has no yearning to follow another dream, except for fishing & he's not good at that. How many of us was in that position at that age. I had no idea what I wanted to do for a living. I knew what I liked to do for fun.
Cathy falls in love with Ian & wants to marry him. It's as simple as that. Ian just wants a girlfriend, but he's just not into her. He has a crush on an older, married woman, Laura. Laura is everything he wishes his mother was. A caring mother who takes care of her family & would never desert them, because she loves them so much. She's also easy on the eyes. Ian just wants to know that she is there, so that he feels safe as he stalks around the house. Too bad he didn't have an Aunt or Grandmother around. Toby

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Toby said...

I meant reckless. LOL! Can't spell or type.