Sunday, October 21, 2007

Carole's answer ~ OSB

Caboose wrote:

19. And here's how Cathy made Ian feel:
She was so enthusiastic, that was the problem. Her enthusiasm wore him out. Has that ever happened to you?

Once a coworker said to me,” I’ve been here for twenty years and I don’t clean, stock shelves or check for expiration dates”. Shocked I just continued to do my job. My mother once said, when someone is paying you to work they expect you to do a job and you expect them to pay you an hourly wage. I worked the graveyard shift, 11 to 7… I stocked shelves, checked for outdated product, drank lots of coffee and walked the halls just to stay awake. I was enthusiastic, I showed up for work to do a job, sometimes it was not the job I was hired to do but work is work. To me it is like saying I will clean the bathroom sink but I won’t touch the commode. Or I will change the diaper only if I can toss it in the trash. Gee, I washed all my babies diapers out and reused them, I could not afford to use disposables. I see those looks of people who are irritated with my quick step, high expectation and way of life to push forward. I also notice the placid faces, and often wonder what makes me feel good must really annoy them. I remember when I was down, did not care about anything, age and illness has taken away some of my gusto. I have spoken to ladies who live here, mostly older then me, who tell me we just never talked about sex, politics or religion without the minister being present. I wonder if there is a happy medium between who is correct and what is too much information?

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