Sunday, December 16, 2007


1) What do I think of Flora? Actually, the more I read of the book, the more I think she is a hoot. I have finally heard the author's voice. She is writing this as if she was telling a story in a dramatic voice & having as much fun as she can to make this a silly book. She is probably coming up with funny names, & laughing about it. (I'm not done with the book yet, as the book arrived late, so I am behind.) Flora thinks that everyone gets a "kick" out of doing something, so she tries to find out what everyone is interested in. Flora tries to find the psychological motive behind why each person acts the way they do.
2) What do I think of the other characters? Good Lord. I would certaintly feel uncomfortable living in that house with all the strange people. The food alone would kill me, what with eating food that fell on the floor, & I doubt soap of any kind is used to wash the dishes.

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Shelley said...

The dish situation grossed me out too!