Sunday, December 2, 2007

Cold Comfort Farm

Although I am finding this book somewhat humorous, I am not particularly enjoying it as it is more corny than my type of humor and I prefer more believable story lines.

I keep reading hoping that it will become more interesting and knowing that the discussion should make this worthwhile.

I did find the new posted cover interesting. It appears to add to the possibility that these folks could be real. Scary thought.

1. What do you think of Flora Poste?
I don't like her eagerness to mooch off of unknown relatives even though she was given an opportunity and encouragement to become self-sufficient. I also dislike her determination to change the lives of the Cold Comfort Farm residents. Flora obviously doesn't believe in the adage of not biting the hand that feeds her.

2. What do you think of the other characters?
I like Mrs. Smiling's offer to help Flora become self-sufficient and her genorosity in wanting her to remain with her.
I haven't met Aunt Ada Doom yet.
Elfine I haven't formed an opinion of yet.
Seth sounds like quite a jerk. However, his high opinion of himself and his belief that he is God's gift to women were traits that were developed because of his mother.
I don't find Reuben or Adam to have much substance. Such dull lives.
Judith and Amos are quite the couple. Amos seems more realistic than most of the other folks.

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Candy said...

Shirley, the fun for me in CCF is that Flora is very Victorian even though she seems to be against anything that is Victorian. She loves Victorian novels because they are the only books you can read while eating apples etc. Also not working and living with relatives. Didn't people in Victorian times "visit" relatives and extended their stays. Lol.