Tuesday, January 8, 2008

PHW ~ discussion questions 7-12

This week we'll look at this section of the book:
Chapter 6 = Josie
6th picture = Driving the Truck
Chapter 7 = Josie
7th picture = Izzy
Chapter 8 = Josie
8th picture = End of Summer
Chapter 9 = Josie
Chapter 10 = Josie

9th picture = Izzy's Cake

7. Beatrice is leaving in the morning for New Mexico, but she worries about Josie. Hollis whispers, "I'll take care of her" (p. 58). Why do you think Hollis is willing to reverse their roles, with her taking care of Josie?

8. Is it a good or a bad thing that Steven teaches Hollis how to drive the truck (6th picture)?

9. The mustard woman said, "I think, Mrs. Cahill, that we need to talk about another place for Hollis" (p. 66). The mustard woman is actually a nice person, telling Hollis, "They're not so far from here. You and Mrs. Cahill will be able to visit sometimes, Hollis" (p. 67). Still, Hollis doesn't want the social agency to take her from Josie. When the mustard woman calls to say she'll pick up Hollis on Saturday to go visit the new mother, Hollis has a puzzle:
I couldn't leave Josie.
I couldn't stay.
It was a puzzle. (p. 74).
So she plans a winter escape ... and then wonders:
How could I do it?
How could I not? (p. 75)
What does Hollis do?

10.What did you think of Hollis's reasoning, with Steven saying in her mind, "Why not?" Have you ever made decisions partly based on what you think another person would say to you? Tell us about it.

11. Was is right or wrong for Hollis to break into a house owned by someone else? And why does she keep asking the Old Man, "Is it still mine?" What's beneath her thinking about being at Branches?

12. After a few days with Josie, Hollis realized that she had never been needed before ... or wanted. What is the difference between being needed and being wanted? How do both contribute to belonging? How do you know that Hollis really wants to belong to the Regan family? Do you think Hollis’s attitude toward school is a result of her feeling that she does not belong?

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