Wednesday, January 2, 2008


1. Hollis drew a picture of a family, instead of looking for words beginning with a W & then drawing a picture of that item. her teacher drew an X over her picture spoiling it for Hollis. The teacher should have asked why she drew a family. Duh!
2. My picture is of my family at the beach as a child as I loved playing in the sand & swimming for hours & then getting an ice cream when the ice cream truck came around.
3. Hollis meets Josie for the first time. Kindred spirits.
4. What's the question? I loved this chapter the best up to this point. I also draw/sketch, & could only imagine the excitement that Hollis felt, a feeling of being proud, probably for the first time in her life. I think she finally took the words in internally. She really believed what others were saying. That she was a great artist with a special talent. She felt accepted for who she was by not only the 2 women, but by the Regans. But that's another story.
5. Was it French Blue? She would draw the water, of course.
6. Hollis loves both the saltwater & freshwater, because it symbolizes the most important people in her life. Well, that's just my 2 cents. Other than that, I'm afraid of giving the plot away as I've seen the movie & don't remember if i read it already. She does happen to love 1 more over the other, feels more at home with... I'm a saltwater person. I love the saltwater smell, the salty water, the sand. That's what I grew up with. I would go to my grandfather's house, a half hour away, & then run right down the street to the beach. Did that every summer for awhile while growing up. As a teenager, I used to go sailing with my father every summer for awhile. I love to be near water, any kind, as long as it's water. LOL!!


Bonnie Jacobs said...

"4. What's the question?"

Oops! You have discovered I am not perfect after all. Sorry 'bout that. I went back and added the question to my post:

4. What are some of the many art career options for Hollis?

I hope this helps. I get ideas for questions from many places, and I guess I kinda forgot part of it (the main part) when I was typing out question #4.

I like your discussion about the chapter, Toby, better than anything my question will turn up. Excellent point about Hollis and about that chapter.

Toby said...

Thanks Bonnie!! :) Those are great questions.
4. I would encourage Hollis to write an art book as I have done in my art group. 2 people have art books published because I have succeeded in nagging them so much that they finally succumbed to my charmes. LOL! She could also be an illustrator,or a teacher. She could also just sell her artwork.