Monday, December 31, 2007

PHW ~ discussion questions 1-6

I hope you have started reading Pictures of Hollis Woods by Patricia Reilly Giff. It's time to start our discussion. Happy New Year ... and happy new book discussion to us all! You may have noticed there are 14 pictures alternated with 17 chapters. This week's discussion covers five pictures and five chapters. Let's think about these, which come in this order:
1st picture = X
Chapter 1
2nd picture = Steven
Chapter 2 = Josie
3rd picture = Fishing in the Delaware River
Chapter 3 = Josie
4th picture = The Old Man's Mountain
Chapter 4 = Josie
5th picture = The Old Man
Chapter 5 = Josie

1. Why is the first picture called "X"? And why do you think Hollis has kept it in spite of the X? Discuss Hollis’s idea of home.

2. We've heard that "a picture is worth a thousand words," so think up a picture of your family when you were a child. What would your "picture" show? Why is that particular moment in your family so special?

3. Except for the first chapter, all the others are said to be "The Time with Josie." What happens in chapter one? What name would you give this chapter?

4. Beatrice had been an art teacher for 40 years, but had never seen anyone who could do what Hollis could do (p. 43). The Old Man had said, "Where'd you ever learn to do that?" (pp. 44, 47), and Izzie had said, "You have a gift, pure and simple" (p. 44). What are some of the many many art career options for Hollis?

5. I'm testing your memory with this question. What was Hollis's favorite color in the leather box of colored pencils the Old Man gave her? What do you imagine Hollis would draw with that color?

6. Josie told Hollis, "There are saltwater people, and freshwater people" (p. 23). Which was Hollis? Which are you? Tell us why.

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Shelley said...

I have been dying because my library has been closed for FOUR DAYS! Tomorrow I should be able to check out the book and read it.