Thursday, February 14, 2008


5. When Seingalt talked about the glass?
6. Both Lucia & G. are afraid of falling in love again. Lucia does what she has to do to survive.
7. Reason. If she followed her heart, she would never let G. go & then there would be no conflict.
8. From what I can remember, Venice was filthy, I think. Anyway, Lucia can only think of G.

Zelide said that she wanted a girlfriend. Okay, we all like to have friends, but when she wanted both of them to get naked, was it because Zelide was gay or just a free thinker? Lucia seemed to indicate that Zelide wanted to see Lucia naked. Then again, maybe Zelide is the type of person that has a big personality, ah outgoing, dramatic...

It's finally getting interesting. G.'s brother recognizes her. Does he believe her when she denies who she is? I was shocked when he ripped up his drawing of her & threw it into the water. OMG!!!! Don't rip up your arwork!!!!! Geesh! Just let her keep it.

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