Monday, February 11, 2008

A Great Imperfection

"A Great Imperfection" is another translation of the book's Dutch title: een Schitterend Gebrek". My translation "A magnificent Handicap" is more accurate, but the translator's sounds better...:)

I was glad to notice that part 2 of our book was much more entertaining. It was good to discover what actually happened to Lucia, and how she coped. It made me sad that she decided that Giacomo should not see her like this, and that it would be better for his 'career' if she fled, looking the way she looked now. What a society to live in! that she left her home, it opened the world for her, as a sort of independent young woman, needing a position to make money. her relationship with Zelide sounds a bit weird, I think Zelide was a lesbian. But anyway, with her Lucia traveled across Europe. Instead of 'just' being somebody's wife.

Instead of answering the DQ, I prefer to give my own opinion about part 2.


Bonnie Jacobs said...

Thank you, Margreet. Your opinion of Part 2 is exactly what we needed. I post questions because some buddies won't do what you just did ... they won't say anything at all about a book unless it is in response to a question.

My problem is that I'm reading the book along with the whole group, so it's a little difficult to come up with appropriate questions before I know what the book says ... and I haven't read this middle section yet.

Buddies, please please please say whatever you want to about each book. Don't wait for me to suggest a topic. YOUR ideas and opinions count. Thanks again, Margreet.

Margreet said...

You're welcome, Bonnie. I knew you would appreciate own initiative..:)