Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Oh yeah, Bonnie. I had the same reaction when they mentioned Geppo again. Geppo? Then, I remembered Geppo. The trouble with this book was there was many ramblings of thoughts & ideas. It was almost half diary & half novel. Maybe that was the effect that the author wanted. It was as if the author wanted to cram so many ideas & thoughts in 1 book, that it was a little disjointed. Talking about the salty tears that fell into the food from the mother, after her loss of her boy & husband, & then Lucia saying that the food tasted salty, made me want to barf. I said to myself, ohhhh Grosssss!!!! Yech!!!!!!!! Geppo's story? Why was it even put into the book? It had nothing to do with the plot. If so, please correct me.

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