Sunday, February 24, 2008

I'm Out

Sorry, but when I saw the price of this book, I decided to back out. I couldn't get it on my Sony Reader, so as to save on shipping. I had decided not to spend too much extra money this month, since I had enough expenses to pay for March. Also, I want to get Amazon's Kindle, another Reader, so I want to save money for that. Minding my own business, I got a link to a book, on one of my groups, Carnet Craig Thompson. I felt compelled to buy it, so I ordered it from one of the sellers on Amazon, saving around $1.70. For the last few nights, I kept being drawn to a graphic novel that he wrote. I've never read a graphic novel before, although this is mostly a memoir. The name is Blankets. Well, last night, after reading the many positive reviews, I decided to get it or rather I HAD to get this book. I don't know what happened next, but I got knocked off the Internet while scrolling down the page. Then, it took a full 5 minutes, to "copy things." Usually, it takes a few seconds. Then I noticed that my Norton Anti Virus wasn't checked, like it usually is. Don't know why, as I use the laptop everyday. I had to decide whether to order on the laptop without the protection, or go to my desktop, which was still on. Since it was really late, I chanced it on my laptop & ordered it. After, in the glow of buying this book, which turns out to cost more than next months book here, I I'm paying shipping on 2 books. I could have gotten free shipping if I just ordered the books together saving around $6.oo. So much for trying to save money.

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