Saturday, February 23, 2008

How many will be reading People of the Book?

First, I hope Margreet sees that link, Marg, as it does seem like a good price and a good deal ... with that free shipping. Margreet, I'm copying Marg's comment because you (and others) are more likely to see it in a post:
"Margreet, if you are interested in reading this book, try The Book Depository. They have it in stock for 11 pounds 39 pence (no idea what that converts to) and they have free shipping as well, so I don't know how it will work out for you, but for me it is often cheaper to buy a book from them instead of from a bookstore here. Here's the link: The Book Depository"
Second, maybe we need to be more mindful of what's available before we vote. Should we first find out if a book has been out long enough to be in paperback ... AND in some of the used book stores?

I'm retired and had to buy In Lucia's Eyes (paperback) and People of the Book (newly published and only in hardback). I hope I enjoy POB, but I have only tonight finally finished ILE, which I'll probably trade at a used book store. I had to make myself read it, and taking so long to complete has made me over a week late getting the final questions posted. I'm sorry, and I promise to get to the questions (including some from me, rather than those vague online ones) as soon as possible. I feel that I have to buy the books, whether I can afford them or not, because all of you depend on me for questions. I would be ever so grateful if some of you would go ahead and post comments as Margreet did recently about ILE in A Great Imperfection. Thanks, Margreet.

And I should have done this at the beginning of the weekend: It's party time on the island! Lucia and Giacomo (by either of their names) have promised to party with us there, so you will have a chance to ask them questions. I'll mosey on over there with some of the simple food I'm bringing this month, and I hope you'll provide a thing or two as well ... because I declare this party extends 'til the end of February! We have an extra day this month, so enjoy it.

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