Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Camel Bookmobile ~ by Masha Hamilton

Don't let this influence you in the least ;) but here's an email I got this afternoon from the author:
Hi Bonnie,

Someone sent me an email indicating your group is considering selecting The Camel Bookmobile as a reading choice. Just want you to know that if you select the book -- now or later -- I'm happy to participate by answering questions, etc., if you'd like.


Masha Hamilton


Shirley said...

I had seen a brief article about Hamilton earlier and I think that this offer makes the book sound even more interesting. I am going to cast my vote for this book. A great combination of a book about the importance of books, a unique distribution plan, AND an opportunity to visit with the author. Sounds like a great combination to me!

alisonwonderland said...

i was not familiar with this book before you posted it on the "possibles" list. but i agree with shirley that it sounds like a great choice. i'm going to put a "hold" on it at the library right now! (of course, it is isn't the final selection for april, that's okay - i'll just read it anyway.)