Sunday, March 30, 2008

Please drop by

We're having a party. Please drop by.

Toby (and Ellen), let's keep talking about Tolle. I've set up ... no, wait ... you should read about it here.

Everybuddy, come on over to Essencia Island.


Zorro said...

Bonnie, my mentor, I am trying to help my girl friends learn to blog and since you are my 'teacher' I have a question....How do you set up ? I have figured out how to do the link on the side of the blog, but not in the body of the blog.

I am now spending more time blogging than reading! That may not be so good for keeping up with my book groups.

Zorro said...

My question was how do you set up links in the body of the blog? I don't know where the sentence went in the other post??

Zorro said...

Here is a link to our new blog for my girl friends for our reunion.