Sunday, March 16, 2008

POB ~ another discussion question

Since we seems to be having trouble discussing the book, let me throw out another question. Earlier, Marg said, "I was surprised by how quickly Hanna and Ozren fell into bed with each other." Zorro said, "She jumps in bed with Ozren on the day of their first meeting." This is what Hannah thinks:
I suppose I am a bit of a prude, about some things, anyway. I like loyalty. I mean, do what you like when you're single. Live and let live. Lay and get laid. But why bother to be married at all, if you don't want the commitment? (p. 197)
24. What do you think of Hanna's reasoning?


Candy said...

I think Hanna's reasoning stems from her life with her mother. Hanna doesn't know her father and her mother won't even tell her his name.

Shirley said...

Although the live and let live approach of Hanna makes sense considering the relationships she hasn't had with her parents, it perpetuates the shallowness of relationships. Caring about people with mate with seems to be a better way to rise above the dog like mentality. I started to say animal like behavior, but have heard that some species do mate for life. Actually, I think Hanna does care for at least some of her casual mates (especially Ozren) more than she lets on. It is as one of her former loves said--she seems to be afraid of having a deeper relationship--and yet at the same time, I think she does want one. All work and no play (or love) makes Jill a dull girl.